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Journal of Applied Science & Engineering

Dhaka University Journal of Applied Science & Engineering

Issue: Vol. 2, No. 2, January 2014
Title: Two-dimensional Electron Gas Mobility in AIN/InN Heterostructure at Low-temperature

Keywords: Aluminium Nitride, Indium Nitride, Two- heterostructure due to its outstanding properties such -as dimensional Electron Gas mobility

Two.dimensional electron gas (2DEG) mobility is studied for AIN/InN single heterostructurc (SH) within the infinite potential well at low-temperature. The relaxation time approximation is used to solve the Boltzmann transport , equation considering all possible scattering phenornena: background impurity, surface roughness, piezoelectric charge, and deformation potential. It is found that the screened and unscreened form factors for different scattering phenoniena in AIN/InN diminishes at a slower rate with respect to wave number than those of well-studied AIGaN/GaN. The total mobility is calculated from the Matthiessen's rule. The form factors have been evaluated for different dimensionless parameter Ak. Variation of 2DEG mobility is studied for different roughness amplitude, correlation length, and background impurity density considering abrupt interface profile. The screening of scattering potential by the 2DEG has been implemented by the random phase approximation. The superiority of AIN/InN heterostructure over the conventional AIGaN/GaN heterostructure for high-speed device application is evident from the study

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