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Journal of Applied Science & Engineering

Dhaka University Journal of Applied Science & Engineering

Issue: Vol. 1, No. 2, January 2011
Title: Design And Optimization Of An Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier In Amplified Lightwave System

Keywords: Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier, Rate Equation, Gain, Pump Threshold, Doping Concentration, Light Propagation Equation

Analytical solutions of homogeneously broadened two-level systems for erbium-doped fiber amplifiers pumped in 980 and 1180nm absorption band have been derived, for co-propagate pump signal only, from EDFA rate equations and light propagation equations in steady-state case. By using these deduced expressions and numerical simulated methods, important features like gain and pump threshold power have been analyzed. It has been found that for a particular pump power or carrier concentration there is an optimum amplifier length. For 980 and l480nm pump signal maximum gain of 20 and 22dB is obtained at 100 and 120mW pump power for 30 and 50m length respectively. The maximum gain (12 and l5dB) obtained for carrier concentration (6xl024/m3 and 4xl024/m3) is nearly at 20 and 40m for 980 and l480nm pump signal respectively at optimizations. Also, the pump threshold, for significant pump-to-signal conversion, increases with fiber length and dopant concentration. The simulation has been done by using Matlab.

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