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Journal of Applied Science & Engineering

Guidelines for Reviewers

Editorial Process/Review Process

All papers will be peer reviewed. The editor will process the paper in consultation with the departmental member of the editorial board, and the authors should incorporate necessary changes as suggested by the reviewers as well as the editorial board. The editorial board follows “blind review” process where the authors are not revealed to the reviewers in order to allow concentration on content. The submitted paper will be peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers. If they made contradictory reports with each other (80 to 100% difference) then the editorial board may assign third reviewer to make a decision. If both reviewers reject the paper, it will be rejected. Similarity check should be done on each paper using existing software of the University of Dhaka or other reputed one and the paper will be not be selected for publication until its similarity index is less than or equal to 25%. Final decisions on the papers will be made by the editorial board on the basis of the reports of the reviewers and similarity index. The editorial board will notify to all authors of acceptance or rejection of papers.