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Journal of Applied Science & Engineering

Dhaka University Journal of Applied Science & Engineering

DUJASE, Vol. 2, No. 1, July 2011

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  • Prediction Of A Protein Sequence And Its Function Using Bioinformatics Tools

  • Static Properties Of Liquid Cu And Zn

  • Design And Development Of Microcontroller Based Electronic Queue Control Systems

  • Bio-Oil From Pyrolysis Of Bagasse

  • Threshold Refractive Index For Bandgap In Photonic Crystal

  • Production Of Biodiesel From Karanja (Pongamia Pinnata) Oil And Comparison Of Its Fuel Properties With Commercial Diesel

  • Design Of A Reversible Random Access Memory

  • Study of Thermal Cracking of Used Lubricating Oil to Produce Gasoline

  • An Investigation to Identify Upper Materials for Optimum Inshoe Climate

  • Fabrication of novel light driven polymeric actuator

  • Reaction of p-Cresol with Indene in the presence of Benzenesulphonic Acid

  • Ground Water Head Declination and It's Impact on Society and Groundwater Quality of Rajshahi Division

  • Study on Optical Properties and Structure of Silicon Nanowires

  • Online Testable Fault Tolerant Full Adder in Reversible Logic Synthesis

  • Trace metal levels in drinking water of Dhaka city

  • Indanylation of o-Cresol with Indene in the presence of Benzenesulphonic Acid