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Journal of Applied Science & Engineering

Dhaka University Journal of Applied Science & Engineering

DUJASE, Vol. 4, No. 1, January 2017

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  • Calculation of the Neutron Shielding Properties of Locally Developed Ilmenite-Magnetite (I-M) Concrete

  • Effectiveness of using Polyethylene and 5% Borated Polyethylene for Radiation Shielding in Spacecraft

  • Feature Based No-Reference Perceptual Depth Assessment Model for Mobile 3D Video Applications

  • A Real-Time Appearance-Based Bengali Alphabet And Numeral Signs Recognition System

  • Problem Analysis of Fabricated Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cell in Bangladesh

  • Utilization of low cost metals as back contact with Perovskite Solar Cell

  • Systematic Optimization for the Design of Si-NW Biosensor

  • Classification of Electromyography Signals Using Support Vector Machine

  • Design, Construction and Performance Study of a Low Cost Solar Dryer for Food Preservation in Bangladesh